We're on a mission to encourage young people to investigate digital, the options it provides as a career choice and, most importantly, to empower them to think dynamically about the opportunities it brings to our everyday lives. Our aim is to inspire young pioneers to be disruptive and to give them the platform to seek out the next big thing in digital.

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Katie won Digital Disruptors with her innovative touchscreen personal security app called Look Out. She amazed the judges with her ability to develop a solution that could help people to move around more safely, knowing they could use their phone to get help at the touch of a button.


Become a Digital Disruptor.

Want to learn more about digital marketing? Want a career in digital? Let us help you.

In partnership with youth charity The Hebe Foundation, Digital Disruptors is a programme aimed at 14-19 year olds. You'll be able to learn more about digital marketing, meet with some seriously smart digital businesses and get valuable time with a range of industry experts. We'll also give you the opportunity to work with other like-minded young people to share your own disruptive ideas for all things digital.

Digital disruptors

Help us to make this happen.

The entire Digital Disruptors programme hinges on giving young people access to the expertise and knowledge that already exists in the digital industry. We are looking to work with like-minded individuals and businesses that are passionate about what digital represents and are keen to help us open the door for the next generation of digital pioneers. Perhaps your business can help us finance elements of the programme? Maybe host a Digital Workshop? Or become a Digital Disruptor mentor yourself? If you feel you could help us to enable more young people to explore digital, please get in touch.

Digital Disruptors Programme.

Why we set this up.

Digital Disruptors has been set up in memory of Nicky McShane, one of the digital industry's most exuberant and progressive digital marketers. Following her untimely death in 2017, a group of us decided to harness all of her passion and enthusiasm to carry on her ability to encourage and inspire others to enjoy digital and think disruptively about the opportunities it gives us all. Digital marketing was her passion, and her enthusiasm and hunger were infectious. If we can transfer just some of that to the next generation, then we know Nicky would be happy.

Who is behind digital disruptors?

Tina Judic and Julie York have been part of the digital industry for many years. Apart from being very close friends of Nicky, they also worked closely with her on many occasions over the years and witnessed firsthand her ability to inspire and energise talented teams of digital specialists. Together, they were instrumental in helping to define a number of new business sectors as well as masterminding the development of a series of highly successful online companies.

Our partnership with The Hebe Foundation, who have supported over 1500 children over the past 10 years, allows both parties to come together, blend their areas of expertise and create a programme that provides so many more opportunities for our next generation. Our intitial focus is working with young people living within the London area. Over the next few years, we plan to roll the programme out to other major cities across the UK to allow more young people to take part as well as broaden our digital expert base to embrace the other progressive digital communities found in Manchester, Bristol and Glasgow.

The Hebe foundation.

Established over 15 years ago by Amie Buhari, The Hebe Foundation has a mission to work with young people, aged 13-20 years old, to help them discover and use their talents.

Hebe provides young people with a safe environment in which to expand their minds, learn new skills and discover their talents in fun and creative ways. They focus on building young people’s key life skills, employability skills and ethical values through quality projects London-wide, in response to the genuine needs of the young people and their communities.

​Registered Charity no: 1139610

Supporting companies.

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If you live in South/South West London and would like to participate in the Digital Disruptors programme or you would like to get involved in mentoring, sponsoring or supporting workshops, please drop us an email at We look forward to hearing from you.