Katie Jyemfa

DD 2018 award

What initially attracted you to the Digital Disruptor programme?

I've always been interested in entrepreneurship, public speaking, and all things digital. With the added element of competition, it seemed like the perfect fit for me!

What were the best bits for you?

I really enjoyed the programme. All the workshops were interesting and informative and I learnt much more than I thought I would. Not just about adverts, which is what initially came to my mind when I thought of 'digital marketing', but about film-making, storytelling, and even colour psychology. My favourite part of the programme was definitely the final pitch.

What was your winning idea?

My idea is an app called Look Out. If you feel threatened or unsafe, you can alert fellow 'Look Outs' who are using the app nearby and let them know that you're in a dangerous situation.

Why did you decide to come up with a solution like this?

There's been a lot of violence in London recently, and all young people have to be wary about where they go now. Look Out gives a sense of security to the user; you can see that there are lots of others on the app nearby that you can reach at the push of a button.

Where are you with developing your idea? What do you need to complete it?

I have the refined idea and the prototype. I just need developers to make it a reality now.


I've done work experience at Awin, an affiliate marketing company, and one of the programme's partners. I was there for a week working alongside my mentor in the Publisher Services team and in the Marketing team. I've also taken part in a debating programme with the Hebe Foundation.

Has the Digital Disruptors programme helped you decide what career path you want to take now?

I realise now how many careers there are in the digital marketing field, and although I'm still not completely sure about the path I'm going to take, it's been an invaluable insight into the industry. It's shown me that entrepreneurship and changing the community around me isn't as difficult as it seems.

What's your plans now for your future? What's the next steps for you?

I have a passion for writing and film-making and I'd love to combine those talents in a career in advertising.

Would you recommend the Digital Disruptors programme to others?

Yes, definitely. Even if you don't know what digital marketing is! If you want to build your confidence and use your creativity while developing a digital solution that will help others around you, go for it!